Richard Leonard - The time has come for a wealth tax

Following the publication of the SNP's income tax options, Labour Leadership contender, Richard Leonard has continued his call for a once in a generation discussion on tax and says the Scottish Government should look beyond income and include wealth as well.  Just a one per cent windfall tax on the wealthiest 10 per cent in Scotland would raise £3.7billion and put wealth back to work for the economy as a whole.

Richard Leonard said:

"If we are serious about tackling the deep seated problems facing Scotland - as I have said in my manifesto - the time has come for a wealth tax.

"Tinkering around the edges of income tax by the SNP limits our revenue raising powers, lacks imagination and fails to make the very wealthiest in our society pay their fair share.

"Focusing only on income will not solve the problems facing Scotland. To invest in and grow our economy and provide sufficient resources for our NHS, education, for Social Care, and to enable us to fund a decent pay rise to our public sector workers and properly resource local government services demands radical action including full consideration of a wealth tax. Now is the time for a once in a generation discussion about tax and the kind of society we want to build.

"That’s why I am calling on the Scottish Government to use the powers of the Parliament and seriously consider the introduction of a wealth tax on those with over £1 million worth of wealth, to rebalance our economy and invest in, rather than contract our public services."

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