Richard Leonard – No to a Trump state visit

Scottish Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard has set out his total opposition to a state visit to Scotland by US President Donald Trump, and promised that if elected as Scottish Labour leader he would ensure that Scottish Labour was at the forefront of opposition to any such visit.  

It comes in the midst of renewed speculation today that President Trump may visit early next year, possibly not as a full state visit, only strengthening the need for Richard Leonard's comments today. 

President Trump accepted the invitation for him to travel to Britain on a state visit when Theresa May visited Washington in January. Since then it has been the subject of massive controversy, and reports that the itinerary would include a visit to Scotland. 

Richard Leonard said:

“My vision is for Scotland to be a country working for peace and co-operation in the world – a beacon in the age of Trump. 

“When a Trump state visit to the UK was first proposed earlier this year, reports suggested that he will head to Scotland. 

“Under my leadership, Scottish Labour - working with trade unions and other campaigning organisations - would be at forefront of opposing a state visit by Donald Trump to Scotland – and we would ensure huge opposition and protests to it. 

“There is never going to be a good time for a Trump visit. From his disgraceful equating of Nazis with anti-fascist campaigners in Charlottesville, to his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump has provided endless reasons for being denied any kind of welcome in Scotland. 

“Instead, as Scottish Labour leader and as a Labour First Minister for Scotland, we will set the opposite course to Trump: action on climate change; working for equality for all, against racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination; and promoting peace and co-operation.”


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