Statement from Richard Leonard

"In the light of the news stories about Alex Rowley and his self-referral to the party, my view is that the appropriate action now is that there should be a suspension of Alex Rowley whilst the matter is investigated.

"We should go further on these issues – I fully support calls for an independent reporting mechanism and will take steps to ensure this happens in Scotland. 

"In the meantime the Labour Party now has to use its internal procedures to investigate these allegations, ensuring that evidence is heard and support is provided for everyone affected - any decisions must be and should be upheld.  We have to be very clear that there is zero tolerance for a culture that allows abuse of power in politics and across society and that these allegations will be seriously and thoroughly investigated. 

"I would urge anyone in the Party to make use of the reporting mechanisms that have been set up to provide dedicated advice and reporting: 07595 432542 and email"

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Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE