Sturgeon's speech driven by SNP fear of Jeremy Corbyn

Responding to the SNP leader's conference speech today, a spokesperson from the Richard Leonard campaign said:

"Nicola Sturgeon's speech is quite clearly driven by her fear of Jeremy Corbyn and of a Richard Leonard led Labour Party in Scotland. It was a speech influenced by Labour policies; her timid suggestion to raise tax and a commitment to a publicly owned energy company are all taken straight from Jeremy Corbyn and the campaign of Richard Leonard, who have both championed redistribution and public ownership in a way that Nicola Sturgeon cannot and will not ever do.

"Strip away the spin and its the same old tinkering around the edges when what people really want is real and radical change. They want change that challenges the unacceptable levels of poverty and inequality presided over by the SNP, they want change that builds the housing that people need, that protects private renters from exploitative landlords and they want change that strengthens rather than reduces the role of local government and their delivery of local services. 
"Only Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard can deliver the real and radical change that people desperately want.  Why support a pale imitation when you can have Labour Government's under Corbyn and Leonard that really do benefit the many and not the few.  "

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    How come at the end of this Jackie Bailie it asks you “Do you like this post?” But it only gives you a like option? Is there not another button for Keech?

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