Richard Leonard Welcomes Corbyn's Speech

Scottish Labour leadership candidate, Richard Leonard welcomed the comments and commitments made by Jeremy Corybn in his speech in Aviemore today. The leader spoke about Brexit, Labour’s relationship with the trade unions and a zero tolerance on sexual harassment.

Richard Leonard welcomed the Labour Leader's speech saying:

“I very strongly support Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today which further develops the radical agenda that means many Scottish voters are coming back to Labour. This is the approach we need for Scotland.

“I fully back the agenda Jeremy has set out on public ownership, on zero tolerance of sexual abuse and harassment, on the Labour Party's relationship with the trade union movement and his clear stance on Brexit. What he is saying this weekend chimes exactly with the mood that my campaign for the Scottish Labour leadership has seen.

“We will not advance in Scotland without linking up with the shift in politics which has been led by Jeremy Corbyn. That means it is essential to advance real change - such as my proposals for a transformed Scotland including a radical plan for a wealth tax - in order to win back voters.”

Addressing Jeremy Corbyn's specific point about a zero tolerance on sexual harassment, Richard Leonard said:

“I welcome Jeremy’s leadership with this re-commitment today to make Labour part of the solution. We need to end this culture that has tolerated abuse for far too long.

“In my manifesto launched this week, I have committed to redefining Hate Crime in Scotland so that it is widened to include Violence Against Women & Girls - to improve reporting and conviction rates, raise awareness of VAWG and send a clear message that gender based violence will not be tolerated in Scottish society.

“Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right to call for zero tolerance of sexual abuse and harassment.

“The reports we’ve heard from women across the world and across industries, of the misogyny, abuse and harassment endured are shocking but for most women and campaigners, they are sadly unsurprising. That is a damning indictment of a society where the most powerful men feel they can abuse their positions of influence in the most heinous of ways."

And on Labour’s relationship with the trade unions, Richard Leonard said:

"As Jeremy said today, the relationship between the Labour Party and the trade union movement, is a long and proud one. It is a source of great personal strength to me that I have spent all of my adult life in Scotland serving the gallant working women and men in the Scottish trades union movement.

"We are at our best when we work together as a Labour and trade union movement - it is also when we best serve the people we seek to represent. Some of the greatest advances for all working people have come through our movement, not from the top down.

"The fight for a real living wage, for equal pay and against austerity are all challenges we face together. It is why if elected Scottish Labour leader, I will work with our Scottish trade unions to deliver an industrial strategy, improve workplace rights and tackle deep rooted inequality and poverty - together our Labour and trade union movement can build a society for the many and not the few."

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