Only one candidate

In an email to volunteers, the chair of Richard Leonard’s campaign - Danielle Rowley MP - has set out the key choices in the Scottish Labour leadership election. Her email sets out the full set of key issues:

1. Only one candidate stands for transforming a society and economy that currently produces so much poverty and inequality, not simply tinker around the edges. 

2. Only one candidate has set out plans that redistribute more not only from higher incomes but also from wealth, with a wealth tax to unlock billions to invest. 

3. Only one candidate has spent their political life fighting firms that don't pay the living wage, and promising to only award public contracts to organisations that pay at least the Living Wage and recognise trade unions. 

4. Only one candidate opposed the coup against Jeremy Corbyn - rather than supporting it. If it had succeeded it would have been a disaster for Labour. Only one candidate respected the choice made by the party membership just one year before.

5. Only one candidate can re-connect Scottish Labour with the voters we have lost by being the most effective voice for our message ‘for the many not the few.’

6. Only one candidate has set out a plan to alleviate the impact of the benefit cap for the thousands of Scottish households affected by it. The party needs to move on from when it was voting with the Tories in Parliament for the welfare cap. 

7. Only one candidate has promised to use the end of private schools’ exemption from non-domestic rates to pay for school trips for children currently missing out - and wants to increase child benefit for every child in Scotland.

8. Only one candidate mentions climate change in their manifesto – the single biggest issue facing our planet.

9. Only one candidate has promised to lead an industrial strategy for Scotland, pursuing a policy of full-employment, promoting manufacturing, promising a renaissance of public ownership, as part of a planned approach to economic development; and only one candidate has published a workers’ rights manifesto. 

10. Only one candidate proposes to control rents and limit the powers of landlords over tenants with a ‘Mary Barbour Law’.


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  • commented 2017-11-14 19:36:02 +0000
    the only party that puts Scotland first is the snp
  • commented 2017-11-14 19:33:52 +0000
    join snp
  • commented 2017-11-14 04:22:16 +0000
    Except for the fact that the actual extract fails to name the “one candidate” it seems good to me and gets my interest as well as my vote. If Labour is to return then inspiration and effective leadership, aligned to Labour UK’s vision of the future is as essential as the need for an effective voice and clear vision for the future of Scotland.
  • commented 2017-11-13 11:47:54 +0000
    go SNPp
  • commented 2017-11-03 07:53:29 +0000
    You asked if I like this post. No I don’t like it. Your’e only standing for a branch of the Labour Party. And so far Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are either a copy cat of the SNP’s or do not represent real change for the Scottish people. SNP are the true champions of Scotland.

Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE