Devolution at 20 - power for a purpose

I spent over five years in the run up to the Scottish Parliament referendum in 1997 working in the STUC to deliver its “Power for Change’ report. We didn’t want a new Scottish Parliament for the sake of it, or simply to add direct democracy to the powers of the Scottish Office. We wanted power for a purpose, to make the economy and our society different and better.

The campaign for devolution had existed for some time but it took on a new energy and urgency with the election of a right-wing Tory Government that broke the post-war consensus and unleashed an ideological attack on the gains for working people won by the labour and trade union movement.  The list of the Tory attacks on the poorer in favour of the richer is a long one.  None more so than their war on the miners. The forces of the state were aimed at destroying entire communities whose life and culture revolved around the pit. 

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Serious momentum behind Richard Leonard

Since launching the website on Friday afternoon, in less than a day Richard Leonard's campaign has managed to raise over £2,000 in donations from supporters across Scotland. Over a thousand people have volunteered, donated or endorsed the campaign, showing a real people powered grassroots momentum. 

This comes as Richard has received the support of Neil Findlay MSP, Danielle Rowley MSP, Hugh Gaffney MP, Elaine Smith MSP, Monica Lennon MP and Joe Cullinane the Leader of North Ayrshire Council. 

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I'm backing Richard Leonard - Monica Lennon

A donation of £10 or more will make a huge difference. You can donate here.


Those of us who have knocked on doors recently know that this contest is about much more than choosing the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party. 

Our vision for a fairer and more equal society that rewards and looks after the many, not just the wealthiest few, is one that resonates with people in every community. Increasingly, people are realising that only Scottish Labour can deliver the bold and radical change needed to transform our society.

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Richard's speech to the Scottish Parliament

Richard's speech to the Scottish Parliament


Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE