Leonard battles 'postcode-driven life expectancy’ in battle against poverty

Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard MSP today continued to set out his central agenda of abolishing poverty strong criticism of Scotland’s health inequalities and a ‘postcode-driven life-expectancy.’ He promised to make the problem a national priority, with tough new targets and a Cabinet-level champion. 


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Ending poverty - empowering local government

Ending poverty - empowering local government"

Following the launch yesterday of his key priority of ending poverty in Scotland - coupled with strong measures for the living wage - Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard MSP has released details of how he intends to empower Scotland's councils in order to combat poverty. 

He said: 

"My overriding mission as First Minister will be to end poverty. That mission means giving local councils the resources and powers they needs to make a difference."
On more powers for local councils he said:  
"More resources for our services is not just about grants from the government. It’s also about real powers. Local services have to be released from their shackles. Scotland’s local councils must also be allowed to raise additional revenue. As leader I will instigate a review into the powers of local government to raise revenue, directed towards increasing the level of resources local government can directly raise: I want to see more work to help local government raise revenue based on wealth, including land, as well as property."
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My overriding mission as First Minister will be to end poverty

My overriding mission as First Minister will be to end poverty. Poverty is a moral issue: but it also holds us back as a country, weakens Scottish society and harms our economy because we need the talents of every single person in Scotland to reach their potential. Things must change – real change is required.

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Richard Leonard maintained his status as the preferred candidate of the broader Labour movement after receiving the backing of two more trade unions: the giant public services union UNISON and the bakers’ union BFAWU.

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USDAW makes it four

Richard Leonard has received the nominations of the following unions affiliated to the Labour Party: TSSA, ASLEF, Unite and USDAW.

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Richard Leonard call for real change for young people in care

Looked after children are being let down by policy makers and current public policy. How we look after those young people in care and coming out of the care system is borne out from the life outcomes for our young people who have been in care. It is clear we are letting down our most vulnerable young people.

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Action on gender equality for our party

Equality matters. It matters in our policy-making, it matters in our pursuit to be the next Scottish Government and it matters in how we act internally as a party. 

It is right that we acknowledge that this is an all-male leadership election. We are coming up with real ideas on how we lead by example on women's representation - but gender equality is not obtained through sticking-plaster remedies and won't be obtained through any single silver bullet: it requires real thought and structural change at every level of our party. 

That is why I am making a commitment today - on the day of Labour's women's conference - on gender equality that will have an impact at every level of our party.

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Campaign launch speech


Good afternoon friends and comrades. Thank for you for coming along this afternoon to the launch of my campaign to become the leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

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Why we need a 'Mary Barbour Law' to tackle rents

Ahead of his campaign launch today Richard Leonard set out radical plans to address Scotland's housing crisis.

You can read the article here. 

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Empowering women within the Labour Party and society

Richard Leonard and Monica Lennon

Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE