Richard Leonard vows to tackle Mental Health Care Crisis

In the latest of a raft of radical, bold policies Scottish Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard has announced his commitment to give mental health parity of esteem with physical health – improving mental health services across Scotland. 

These new measures announced by Richard Leonard include ensuring all secondary schools have access to school counsellors, protecting mental health budgets and ensuring that there are mental health professionals throughout the health service – from Primary Care to A&E.

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Richard Leonard – No to a Trump state visit

Scottish Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard has set out his total opposition to a state visit to Scotland by US President Donald Trump, and promised that if elected as Scottish Labour leader he would ensure that Scottish Labour was at the forefront of opposition to any such visit.  

It comes in the midst of renewed speculation today that President Trump may visit early next year, possibly not as a full state visit, only strengthening the need for Richard Leonard's comments today. 

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Sturgeon's speech driven by SNP fear of Jeremy Corbyn

Responding to the SNP leader's conference speech today, a spokesperson from the Richard Leonard campaign said:

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Responding to the announcement from BAE Systems today, Scottish Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard said:

"The latest threat to jobs at BAE shows the scale of Tory failure when it comes to protecting Scottish industry. 

"This isn't just a significant blow to the manufacturing and defence sector but it will also have a devastating impact on our communities who rely on these skilled jobs. 

"Theresa May and her Scottish Tories have been found woefully lacking when it comes to an industrial strategy that delivers for the entire country.  They now need to step up to the challenge and offer firm reassurances to BAE workers and their families.

"This shows that workers in Scotland need real change and as the leader of Scottish Labour, I would deliver an industrial strategy that grows our economy, benefiting the many and not just the few.”


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Ahead of the SNP leader's speech later today, Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard issued a 'charge sheet' against SNP failure and said: 

"At the SNP conference later today, we will see Nicola Sturgeon up to the same old tricks that she and her Party have made careers out of. They promise the world, they sound good, plausible and even progressive. But words on a page or spoken from a conference rostrum don’t put food in the stomachs of Scotland’s hungry children stomach or make Scotland a fairer and better place.

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Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard outlines his commitments to children and families. This builds on his raft of policies to end poverty in Scotland.

These plans include increasing child benefit by £5 for every child, removing the exemption that mean private schools get away with not paying rates and extending free school meals to all primary school pupils. 

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Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard has released details of how he intends to tackle the housing crisis facing thousands of residents across Scotland. This builds on his raft of policies to end poverty in Scotland.

On announcing his commitments to deal with the housing crisis, Scottish Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard said:

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Leonard Welcomes Living Wage Win for Workers at Diageo/Sodexo

In Parliament today, Labour Leadership contender Richard Leonard announces the news that cleaners and catering staff within Diageo who are contracted to Sodexo are to receive the Living Wage.

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Leonard reacts to Prime Minister's disastrous speech

Reacting to Theresa May's disastrous conference speech, Scottish Labour leadership contender, Richard Leonard said;

"This week’s Tory conference has heard a Prime Minister without authority, a Chancellor without empathy and a Foreign Secretary without decency.  The millionaires will be protected while grinding austerity for the many will continue.  

Worse than more of the same for the majority in Scotland, Tory MPs have told unemployed Scots to ‘get on their bike’ to work in Kent farms and heard truly unacceptable comments from the Foreign Secretary - And all of this has been met by shameful silence from Ruth Davidson and her Scottish Tories.

Ruth Davidson's MPs and MSPs like to present themselves as the acceptable face of Conservativism but in fact they are part of the problem - failing to stand up for the majority in Scotland who want better-funded public services, an end to the cruel and callous benefits regime, decent jobs and better pay."

Tebbit-style attack on young Scots show we need Jeremy Corbyn in power

Commenting on Tory MP’s ‘on your bike’ comments today, Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard MSP said:


‘These Tebbit-style comments show the Tories offer Scotland nothing but the same old misery and an economic dead-end – and why we urgently need Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street leading us out of austerity.


‘This is an attack on young people in Glasgow and in Scotland as a whole. Craig Mackinlay has blown an even bigger hole in the Tories’ pathetic attempt this week to make a pitch to younger voters. Under the Tories the agenda is clear – insecure work, low pay, and no investment to help build Scotland’s economy.


‘People need policies for the many not the few, and Mackinlay today reminds us that he and his party stand squarely where they’ve always stood: for the few.’

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