Statement from Richard Leonard

Responding to Monica Lennon's bravery in speaking out about the sexual assault she has been subjected to, Richard Leonard said:

"I am appalled that my friend and comrade has had to face this. Monica’s bravery to speak out should not be in vain. Our Party must do more to be part of the solution.That means zero tolerance for a culture that permits the abuse of power in politics and across society and seeks to silence those who have been wronged. 

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Richard Leonard - The time has come for a wealth tax

Following the publication of the SNP's income tax options, Labour Leadership contender, Richard Leonard has continued his call for a once in a generation discussion on tax and says the Scottish Government should look beyond income and include wealth as well.  Just a one per cent windfall tax on the wealthiest 10 per cent in Scotland would raise £3.7billion and put wealth back to work for the economy as a whole.

Richard Leonard said:

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Only one candidate

In an email to volunteers, the chair of Richard Leonard’s campaign - Danielle Rowley MP - has set out the key choices in the Scottish Labour leadership election. Her email sets out the full set of key issues:

1. Only one candidate stands for transforming a society and economy that currently produces so much poverty and inequality, not simply tinker around the edges. 

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There should be no hiding place for harassment

Responding to news reports that women in Scottish Parliament have been subjected to sexual harassment, Scottish Labour leadership contender, Richard Leonard said:

“There should be no hiding place for harassment. This isn’t just about Hollywood or Holyrood, this is about all workplaces. No industry should be above the toughest of scrutiny and no one should go to work feeling unsafe, harassed or abused.

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Richard Leonard Welcomes Corbyn's Speech

Scottish Labour leadership candidate, Richard Leonard welcomed the comments and commitments made by Jeremy Corybn in his speech in Aviemore today. The leader spoke about Brexit, Labour’s relationship with the trade unions and a zero tolerance on sexual harassment.

Richard Leonard welcomed the Labour Leader's speech saying:

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Leonard launches a manifesto for Real Change

On the day that the ballots for the Scottish Labour leadership opens, Richard Leonard has launched his manifesto for Real Change.

In his manifesto, Mr Leonard says:

“Scottish Labour is at a turning point: we can once again become a party of real change, offering people a sense of hope out of despair.

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My manifesto for Real Change

10 point plan

Read Richard's ten point plan for change in Scotland. Richard stands for transforming Scotland; and he has the consistency and principle to reconnect us with voters and help us win again. 

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Full Text of Richard Leonard's Keynote Speech

*Delivered in the Serenity Cafe 24/10/2017

Well it is good to find an oasis of serenity at last!

Of course we meet here today quite deliberately and I want to pay tribute to everyone involved in this enterprise, especially those who are turning things around in their lives.

Of course this enterprise is a social enterprise. And social enterprise is one of the traditions on the Left that we have too often ignored and that we should re-ignite.

Because it represents an alternative to the market.

It reflects the mutual ideal.

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Richard Leonard's Public Ownership Manifesto

Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard introduces his public ownership manifesto.

The wide ranging measures include public ownership models from energy to public services to transport - investing in Scottish resources, workers and providing a better deal for residents. These moves are part of a growing number of radical plans from Richard to bring real change for the many and not the few. 

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Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE