I was elected Scottish Labour Leader promising real change and it is real change that together we will deliver.

This task will not be easy. Change never comes without a fight.

But we must, and we will, face the future with confidence.

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Richard Leonard - BiFab jobs must be saved

After meeting workers earlier this week and marching alongside hundreds of Bifab workers and their families today, Richard Leonard calls on the Scottish Government to do whatever is needed to protect BiFab.

Scottish Labour Leadership contender, Richard Leonard said:
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Statement from Richard Leonard

"In the light of the news stories about Alex Rowley and his self-referral to the party, my view is that the appropriate action now is that there should be a suspension of Alex Rowley whilst the matter is investigated.

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Dennis Skinner supports Richard

Watch this video of Labour MP Dennis Skinner sending his solidarity and explaining why Richard is the best person for job. You couldn’t get a better Labour movement job reference than that.

Richard Leonard slams SNP failure to meet house-building targets

Responding to the news that the SNP Government will fail to meet house building targets, Richard Leonard said:

"Every missed housing target by the SNP Government is another family on a waiting list, another rip off landlord's pocket lined and it is another day that 6,000 children are classified as homeless. This shameful situation cannot continue. The SNP must get a grip on this and set out how exactly they intend to meet their own targets to tackle Scotland's housing crisis.

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One week of leadership in action

Angela Rayner visited Scotland with Richard Leonard this week. You can see a short video from her here and selection of tweets showing what Richard has been up to this week. 


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Davidson complicit in Conservative chaos over Brexit

Responding to Tory Ruth Davidson’s latest calls for clarity over Brexit from her own Government, Richard Leonard said:

“Any attempts by Ruth Davidson to distance herself from this shambolic government’s handling of Brexit shouldn't fool anyone. Ruth Davidson has been complicit in this Conservative chaos.


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An increase in child benefit for every child

Scottish Labour Leadership contender, Richard Leonard today supported Amendment 42, intended to top-up child benefit, to become part of the Child Poverty Bill.

Richard Leonard, who has been calling for a £5 increase in child benefit for every child in Scotland, said:

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Labour figures say Richard Leonard is best to lead Scottish Labour

Over one hundred Labour movement figures have published an open letter explaining their support for Richard Leonard to be the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party, indicating wide backing from all quarters of the party and reaching into a broad range of opinion. The letter, from Scottish Labour and trade union figures - and with support from the wider movement – underlines the impetus that has allowed Richard Leonard to set the terms of a new debate about Scottish Labour’s future. 

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Paradise Papers:‘one set of rules for the many and another for the few’

Labour leadership contender Richard Leonard MSP has attacked the revelations of tax avoidance and evasion in the Paradise Papers as ‘one set of rules for the many and another for the few.’ 

Richard Leonard said:

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Promoted by Danielle Rowley on behalf of Richard Leonard, both at 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UE