Statement from Richard Leonard

Responding to Monica Lennon's bravery in speaking out about the sexual assault she has been subjected to, Richard Leonard said:

"I am appalled that my friend and comrade has had to face this. Monica’s bravery to speak out should not be in vain. Our Party must do more to be part of the solution.That means zero tolerance for a culture that permits the abuse of power in politics and across society and seeks to silence those who have been wronged. 

"I fully support the call for an independent reporting mechanism. There should be no hiding place for harassment. 

"This isn’t just about Hollywood or Holyrood, this is also about all workplaces. No industry or organisation should be above the toughest of scrutiny and no one should go to work feeling unsafe, harassed or abused. We’ve heard from women across the world and across industries speak out about the misogyny, abuse and harassment they have faced. 

"We need to end this culture that has tolerated abuse for far too long and I would urge anyone in the Party to make use of the reporting mechanisms that have been set up to provide dedicated advice and reporting: 07595 432542 and email"




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