Take part in our mission to eliminate poverty


“My overriding mission as First Minister will be to end poverty. Poverty is a moral issue: but it also holds us back as a country, weakens Scottish society and harms our economy because we need the talents of every single person in Scotland to reach their potential. Things must change – real change is required. 

“In Scotland today, over one million people are living below the poverty line. Fuel poverty blights half of our pensioners. Food banks are on the increase. Child poverty is on the rise.

“Tackling poverty requires a radical shift in our economy, politics and policy making.

“I’ve set out a radical set of policies to meet our challenge of eradicating poverty.

“Now have your say. What are your priorities? What ideas do you have to end poverty in Scotland? What are you person experiences? I want to hear from you.

“Please fill in our form and take part in our mission to eradicate poverty.”

Richard Leonard