Richard Leonard slams SNP failure to meet house-building targets

Responding to the news that the SNP Government will fail to meet house building targets, Richard Leonard said:

"Every missed housing target by the SNP Government is another family on a waiting list, another rip off landlord's pocket lined and it is another day that 6,000 children are classified as homeless. This shameful situation cannot continue. The SNP must get a grip on this and set out how exactly they intend to meet their own targets to tackle Scotland's housing crisis.

"I will commit to building a minimum of 12,000 new social homes for rent each year and have set out innovative new ways to pay for this investment, which will meet the housing needs of Scotland and create good jobs in the process.

“But that is not the only way to end this housing crisis. We have over 137,000 households on local authority waiting lists and nearly 750,000 households in fuel poverty, which is why I am also committed to end the exploitative nature of rip-off landlords, with a cap on rent and extend the Scottish Housing Quality Standards to the Private Sector and ensure that private landlords adhere to minimum housing standards.”  

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