Leonard reacts to Prime Minister's disastrous speech

Reacting to Theresa May's disastrous conference speech, Scottish Labour leadership contender, Richard Leonard said;

"This week’s Tory conference has heard a Prime Minister without authority, a Chancellor without empathy and a Foreign Secretary without decency.  The millionaires will be protected while grinding austerity for the many will continue.  

Worse than more of the same for the majority in Scotland, Tory MPs have told unemployed Scots to ‘get on their bike’ to work in Kent farms and heard truly unacceptable comments from the Foreign Secretary - And all of this has been met by shameful silence from Ruth Davidson and her Scottish Tories.

Ruth Davidson's MPs and MSPs like to present themselves as the acceptable face of Conservativism but in fact they are part of the problem - failing to stand up for the majority in Scotland who want better-funded public services, an end to the cruel and callous benefits regime, decent jobs and better pay."

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