Davidson complicit in Conservative chaos over Brexit

Responding to Tory Ruth Davidson’s latest calls for clarity over Brexit from her own Government, Richard Leonard said:

“Any attempts by Ruth Davidson to distance herself from this shambolic government’s handling of Brexit shouldn't fool anyone. Ruth Davidson has been complicit in this Conservative chaos.


“It is a bit rich that Ruth Davidson is now calling for more information about a transitional arrangement while the Tory Government sits on Brexit risk assessments that they refuse to share with Parliament, with industries or the public.  These assessments would provide vital information on the challenge ahead and allow everyone to plan to safeguard jobs, our rights and industries from the impact of Brexit.

“If Ruth Davidson and the Tories were serious about getting the best deal for Scotland out of Brexit negotiations, they would release these risk assessments now and put forward plans which safeguard jobs and our industries.

“As Scottish Labour Leader I will be tough, uncompromising and principled on any Brexit deal.  The Tories handling of negotiations have been a diplomatic and negotiating disaster. And if it continues in this vein - and if this Tory Brexit deal is a detrimental deal for jobs and the Scottish economy, for our manufacturing base, for workers’ rights, equal rights and the protection of our environment; and if the rights of EU citizens living and working here are not safeguarded - then we should without question reject the Tory Brexit deal when it is brought before the UK Parliament.

“These are the red lines for me. And that puts me right in the mainstream of the Labour Party in line with Party policy. In line with Keir Starmer and Jeremy Corbyn, and in line with the trades union movement as well."

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