Richard Leonard - BiFab jobs must be saved

After meeting workers earlier this week and marching alongside hundreds of Bifab workers and their families today, Richard Leonard calls on the Scottish Government to do whatever is needed to protect BiFab.

Scottish Labour Leadership contender, Richard Leonard said:
"Every assurance must be given to the 1400 workers across Scotland affected by the news over BiFab. The Scottish Government simply cannot allow these yards to close, this is a viable operation within a burgeoning renewables sector and we must invest in this workforce and this industry in a sustainable way and for the long term. This approach will protect this company, the wider industry in Scotland and these jobs. 
"Meeting BiFab workers and their families today, it is clear to see that any job losses will have devastating financial and personal impact on these communities.  The Scottish Government needs to act now to keep these yards open. 
"I also want to pay tribute to the workers for keeping these yards working. Their selflessness represents the very best of our Labour and Trade Union movement."

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