Richard Leonard - Bield Care Home Closures 'Inexcusable'

Reacting to the news that one of Scotland’s biggest elderly care providers is to close all 12 of its residential care homes, Scottish Labour leadership contender, Richard Leonard said,

“I am very sad to learn about this, especially given Bield’s legacy of providing housing and support for older people for over 40 years. The immediate priority should be about providing reassurance for residents and their families over the future of their care - the ordeal that they have been left to deal with is inexcusable.

“The closure of these residential care homes illustrates just how broken our care system is. Social care for our elderly is an essential public service and it should never be closed as a result of ‘market pressures.'

"This underlines the need for an urgent review into Social Care in Scotland, as I called for at the start of my campaign. We need to establish if the current system is fit for purpose and properly delivering for care recipients and staff alike. Rest assured that's exactly what I'll be calling for from my first day as leader. ”

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